CAMLOCK COUPLING manufacturers dealers india type A B C D E F DP DC SS316


We at VEER ENTERPRISE are manufacturers of all type of camlock coupling pipe hose coupling

      Camlock Coupling   Groove Coupling Cam Lock Quick Release Coupling Manufactuers      

  CAM  LOCK  coupling  CAMLOCK coupling  also  know  as  groove coupling quick release  coupling  camlock  quick release  coupling  quick  coupling  cam  coupling  cam and  groove  quick  coupling  , cam lock  coupling  hose coupling  hydraulic  cam lock coupling manufacturers  vardhman bearings  , pneumatic  cam lock  coupling  manufacturers vardhman bearings , cam lock  fittings,  

     we at vardhman bearings  are  manufacturers    and  exporters  of  all type  of  cam lock    coupling  groove  coupling  quick  release  coupling   quick  cam lock  camlock  coupling  we manufacture    all dis coupling in  all  and many different materials like    stainless steel  brass  aluminum mild  steel  gun metal   polymer  plastic  Teflon dis  cam lock  quick   release  coupling are  used in  many industries    and  in many  applications  for  fuel  flow    and  Camlocks also   called Cam and   groove coupling, a kind   of Hose coupling used to   rapidly connect and disconnect fitting on   piping or hose, they come in a variety Leading suppliers of camlock fittings, camlock couplings, and cam and groovefittings offered in stainless steel, brass,   aluminum and polypropylene. Cam and Groove couplings - also known as Cam-lock fittings - are used   in a wide variety of applications for liquid and dry product   transportation. Standard sizes .   Camlock couplers and adaptors are designed and manufactured   to ... Under   no circumstances should Camlock   couplings be used for compressed   air.       

  “Vardhman Bearings”  brand Camlock Couplings are manufactured as per DIN 2828 standard in a modern plant equipped with latest CNC machines from duly tested SS316 (CF8M), SS304 (CF8), Carbon Steel (WCB), Brass, Gun Metal, Aluminium etc. in sizes ranging from ½” till 8” in various type of End fittings / connections starting from A to F, DC, DP, DA. These Couplings / Adopters are interchangeable with the best in the world and are having Zero leakage. They are used where Mass transfer of any medium takes place. They find widespread application in Oil, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Cement, Plastics, Slurry, Water, Sewage etc. industries  

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